Wednesday, April 1, 2020

National Poetry Month off to a great start!

Someone upstairs loves me. On April 1, 2020, the start of National Poetry Month, I got notice, as promised maybe two months ago,  of my poem “Garden Sex” going live in Spank the Carp

Not only is my poem published but I was featured in their “Mind of a Poet” series which you can see at the bottom of their table of contents page. On this 2nd page, you will see a discussion of my poem which I wrote as well as my poem, bio and photo.

If you go back to the table of contents page and access the individual poems and short stories, you will see in the upper right hand corner a box that reads “Vote for your favorite work.”

The editor Ken Schweda likes to know from the audience what work is favored. I think it is a kind of beauty contest myself but it’s fun.

I also want to say that the month of March, despite its frightening news and restrictions coming at us/me, had some personal publishing bright spots.

I sent a sample of 12 poems from my unpublished manuscript when it drops you gonna feel it  to a publisher of the old school and he got back to me a few days and said please send me the entire manuscript. One of his reasons why he liked it was that anyone who loved opera and reggae has got to be an irresistible read.

I also got an acceptance from Katherine E. Young for her poetry anthology Written In Arlington. The poets in this collection (coming out she hopes by fall 2020 from Paycock Press) all have a connection to Arlington, Virginia. My connection is that for years I taught in the Pick-a-Poet program that sent poets into the Arlington county public schools to do poetry workshops. I also won a Moving Words contest that put  my poem “Neapolitan Love Song” (OMG, in this time of Covid 19 this poem depicts being on a crowded bus!) and later I actually ran the Moving Words contest. Wisely, Katherine asked me for a poem set in Virginia if not Arlington.

On April 1, Katherine  starts promoting the anthology by featuring a poem from the collection on her website:   The anthology will showcase 150 poems from poets who are well accomplished as well as high schoolers, incarcerated, and speaking and writing in other languages. Do visit there frequently to see how this anthology is shaping up!

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