Thursday, October 1, 2020

Book Publication!

The crowning award in the writer’s life is book publication. I am thrilled to say my manuscript how we hold on has been accepted for publication by Broadstone Books of Frankfort, Kentucky.This is the manuscript that contains my poems about Jamaica as well as family poems, including a mini-series on my great grandfather who died in the 1918 pandemic known as the Spanish Flu.


Broadstone is a press that people who read poetry will be hearing more about because they are increasing the number of books they will publish over the next several years. The publisher, Larry Moore, is an editor of the old school in that he cares deeply about excellence. Therefore he makes suggestions for how to improve a manuscript. The publication date has not yet been set but will occur in 2021.


Some of Broadstones authors are: Susana Case, Richard CarrJudith KermanLynn McGee, and Mervyn Taylor. I am proud to join the Broadstone family and can recommend this community of fine authors. I encourage you to buy their books directly from the publisher, They are also distributed by Small Press Distribution.