Monday, February 17, 2020

Publishing Flood

Let's call it a flood. Yes, I, the Steiny Road Poet, got another poem published.

"Hurt" is part of my circulating manuscript when it drops you gonna feel it. Of the 56 poems in this manuscript, there are 23 poems now published.

Find "Hurt" on pages 23-24 of Medical Literary Messenger Fall/Winter 2019. Yes, they published this edition in 2020 that reads 2019. Have  a look at There are many fine poems by poets with impressive credentials.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Publishing Wave Continues

The publishing wave continues with two poems taken at Beltway Poetry Quarterly now under the stewardship Indran Amirthanayagam and Sara Chahill Marron but hats off to Venus Thrash who, along with Indran, were on the selection committee.

“sunset from the cliffs” and “when it drops you gonna feel it” ( are from a small group of poems about Jamaica which are part of the manuscript when it drops you gonna feel it, that I am currently circulating. I’m particularly pleased  that “when it drops you gonna feel it,” a poem that was published in a print journal, is getting new attention.

Also included in this issue on the theme of revolutionary music (see Table of Contents  are such others as Ethelbert Miller, Terry Winch, and Cliff Bernier.

Something I would call publishing love rolled in during the wee hours of Valentine’s Day—one poems from my Jamaican series, was accepted by a print anthology.