Friday, June 21, 2013

Artist Colony: What to Do the First Time

Recently the Steiny Road Poet was asked how to make the most of one's  time at an artist colony. The poet asking was going to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the colony the Steiny Poet has been to numerous times and which may be moving its campus. How could we ever live without that sign that you see when you leave VCCA—it reads, The Real World.

Here is what I offered to the first time arts colonist:

Take things to read that pertain to what you want to work on but I believe you can use the Sweetbriar library. When you can't write, read. 

Do socialize at meals. Great opportunity for cross pollination with other kinds of artists. 

Try to wake up writing. That's a luxury you don't get at home I bet. 

Follow your inclination but don't force yourself. It's ok to do nothing because doing nada is like hatching an egg. 

Enjoy! Tell me how it went after you come back.

Photo: Bradley Wester