Saturday, April 10, 2021

Telephone Project Debuts: Pass It Along!



Remember the game Telephone where you whispered something to the person next to you and that person whispered the “same” thing on down the line to see what came out after a long line of people passed it along?


A group of artists headed by poet Nathan Langston got together at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020 to plan a massive artistic game involving 900 artists from 72 countries. The game shows all the connections which began with a short quotation about banyan trees.


The Steiny Road Poet a.k.a. Karren Alenier was sent a painting by Jackie Avery. Avery’s painting inspired Alenier to write “letting the backdoor slam.” In this poem, Alenier talks to her maternal grandmother about school, learning, failed dreams, fear of a nuclear attack as well as how public schools began as an aid to groom factory workers. The poem is published on the Telephone website  and in her new book how we hold on.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Yes! Author Has Copies of New Book



Karren Alenier is ready to sign a copy of how we hold on for you! She got her box of books.

She will give you the best discount, go to her new website and contact her.

 In the world of poetry, it is the poet who has to sell her own books. The author gets very few complimentary copies . Those copies have to go to the people who blurbed the book, provided artwork and might review the book. So buying the book from the author helps keep poetry alive.