Thursday, February 1, 2024

About the Words Being Spoken: upcoming reading




Part of publishing poetry is getting the words spoken, getting the poems read out loud to an audience. The Steiny Road Poet is pleased to say she has lined up another reading of From the Belly: Poets Respond to Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons.


This time Steiny goes solo. This means she will focus on poems she wrote in response to Tender Buttons Objects. There are over 20 poems of Alenier's to choose from. She will also be reading the Tender Buttons that inspired Alenier's poems and shining light on those buttons. It is a one-hour program. Here’s an example:






     from Tender Buttons Objects by Gertrude Stein


A charm a single charm is doubtful. If the red is rose and there is a gate surrounding it, if inside is let in and there places change then certainly something is upright. It is earnest.


about the word

     by Karren L. Alenier


the pen is the

pen is an organ

flaccid or sound


muscular music

flowing milk or ink

Horace said pen


is tongue of

mind who needs

articles point is


pen is maker

of kind teacher

teaching us




Mark your calendars now.


March 20, 2024 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

On Zoom

Who: Karren Alenier

What: Stockbridge Library presents Karren Alenier reading her poems in From the Belly Volume I Objects—reading & discussion



Contact Karren at and she will make sure you get the zoom link.