Thursday, March 18, 2021

Broadstone Books Announces how we hold on


What is extraordinary about the Broadstone Books announcement of how we hold on, Karren Alenier’s eighth collection of poetry, is the in-depth review. This publisher not only makes beautifully crafted books but promotes the work with full understanding of what is in it. Here is one example. Larry Moore writes:


In the poem “Homecoming” Alenier writes of the Greek word parea, for which there is no exact English equivalent, a term for a group of friends who delight in one another’s company, for the joy of sharing experiences:  “how / most importantly we can love / and help each other through /celebration / and sorrow.”  In a very real sense, this collection is her invitation for us to join her parea, and to share in her celebrations and her sorrows.


 how we hold on launches April 15, 2021. Query the author now about obtaining your copy.


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