Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Progression of the Exquisite Corpse

Gateway's Heliport Gallery moved their “Le Cadavre Esquis” exhibition along by reassembling the artful body parts and having a second opening July 26. Collaborating poets Karren Alenier, Christopher Conlon, and JoAnne Growney held a poetry reading in the Gallery on July 29. The theme of the reading was corpses, body parts, and surrealism. Neil Joffe finished the evening with a dramatic presentation of a Tom Waits song.

Here are images from the newly remixed show along with the people at the poetry reading.

Artists in the show include:
Karren Alenier . Mark Behme . Bobbi Clay . Christopher Conlon

Warren Craghead III . Patrick Finley . Fred Folsom . Gail Gorlitzz

JoAnne Growney . Stephen Hanks . Elyse Harrison . Neil Joffe
John Landis
Emery Lewis . Donna M. McCullough . Emily Piccirillo
Shelley Sarrin
 . Rima Schulkind . Ed Thomas . Joyce Zipperer
Birdie Zoltan . Student Artists
Voices from Eastern Village
Voices from Silver Spring Drop-In Center and some of their
art is depicted above.

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