Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Successful Washington DC Launch of The Steiny Road to Operadom

The launch of The Steiny Road to Operadom: The Making of American Operas at Bridge Street Books in DC’s Georgetown occurred on a winter-spring evening with temperatures still in the upper 60’s (Fahrenheit). The front door was open and some books were displayed outside to attract customers. Indeed, some curious walk-ins attended the celebration.

About 15% of the author’s list of invited appeared for the event. The author sent out the invitation via Evite on the Internet, which was a good way to estimate how many people would attend. In this case, there were about 30 people with over half buying books
from the bookseller Rod Smith and some attendees bringing copies of the Steiny book that they had purchased on the Internet.

As promised wine, cheese, and brownies were offered. Were the brownies made with Alice B. Toklas’s infamous recipe?

Standing in front of her opera poster,
the author read from the chapter “Hubris, Vanity, Rejection.” She recited “Leo on Seesaw” and then played a recording of “Leo on Seesaw” as set by William Banfield, her collaborating composer on Gertrude Stein Invents a Jump Early On.

After the launch, the author who never goes into the woods alone went with friends for drinks.

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